The easiest way to mobilize people who want
to make a difference in the world.
NobleHour connects people with opportunities, tracks projects and service hours, and
generates comprehensive and powerful impact reports.

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Using NobleHour is as easy as these 4 steps.

Step 1
Set up your
Noble Community

Step 2
Invite people
to join

Step 3
Track everyone's

Step 4
Generate reports and
see the big picture

See your Community’s impact with one click.




Total economic impact

Really, it’s that easy! Ask our members.

Meghana I.
NobleHour Ambassador

NobleHour offers the "Find Opportunities" option, that’s the biggest appeal. When we're on summer vacation, you can log on from anywhere, to find places to go help.

Kathryn M.
Community Service Coordinator

With NobleHour, we're able to keep accurate records of an individual student's hours'. There's no questioning the documents. I can’t remember what life was like before NobleHour.

Garrett K.
High School Student

My NobleHour records can follow me and over my lifetime. I can accumulate community service hours to show my economic impact on the nation, not just the community.