Link your NobleHour Community to Your Site

Make it easy for your volunteers, students, or community members to find your NobleHour community by grabbing a NobleHour Site Badge for your web site. Then they’ll be able to track their accomplishments and engage with other members in just one click!

Adding a NobleHour Site Badge to your website is as easy as...

  • 1 Pick a site badge.
  • 2 Find your community.
  • 3 Paste the embed code on your website.

Pick a site badge.

We have a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. Click on the one you like, and we’ll automatically generate the code for you below!

You are already within a community so we'll use that information for this step.

Find Your Community.

Search for the community you want to link to and retrieve your community ID. Just enter the name of your community and select it from the search results to retrieve your community ID.


Paste the embed code on your website.

Copy to Clipboard

Just click the "Copy to clipboard" button to copy your site badge code, then paste it on your web site. Or, email the code to your webmaster.