Welcome to NobleHour!

SweatMonkey.org has changed its name and face to NobleHour.

After years of listening to you, our users, we decided to make our school-based tools more feature-rich and easy to use. We also discovered a need to expand our offerings beyond schools so that any sized group or organization, whether it’s a nonprofit, for-profit, municipality, civic group, or any kind of group, can connect with their communities, and have the ability to measure their impact. We felt that by unveiling new and improved tools to a wider variety of users, we also needed a new name that better reflected our mission: NobleHour.

NobleHour’s mission is to use the latest social tools and technology to make it easy to connect with your communities and foster partnerships that will ensure a positive impact for the overall community.

What that means is this: you can create your own engaging online community, find and share content, find and share opportunities and events, and track and measure your activity, all in one comprehensive, customizable online platform. It allows citizens, schools, communities, nonprofits, for-profits, cities and governments to connect safely and efficiently, in order to bring about positive social change!

On behalf of the entire NobleHour Team, we look forward to seeing you on the NobleHour Network!

Scott Fore and Wesley Barnett
Managing Partners
NobleHour (formerly SweatMonkey)

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