See why thousands of organizations, from nonprofits and schools to businesses and fraternities and sororities, turn to NobleHour to quickly and easily create and engage communities online.

Do you manage service learning, intern, employee volunteer or community service programs? NobleHour is for you.

From schools and universities to nonprofits, businesses, civic groups and cities, NobleHour connects people to do good works. We’ve got the best hour-tracking and reporting features in the business, plus the social media and secure online community features that keep members engaged and coming back for more.

NobleHour helps you create online communities with purpose!

It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s affordable. It’s NobleHour.

Are you ready harness the goodwill in your community?

Content Sharing

Now every member can easily share news and contribute value resources to your community.

  • Share news, links, photos, videos and files
  • Submit events, volunteer opportunities, paying jobs and internships
  • Enjoy powerful moderation features that let you choose what content you want to appear
  • Feature great content on your community's homepage

Volunteering and service learning made easy.

Say goodbye to time-consuming forms, signatures and spreadsheets. Say hello to managing service learning and volunteer programs the NobleHour way.

  • Instantly post opportunities to expand your volunteer base
  • Find interesting opportunities near you, and sign up with just a few clicks
  • Manage groups of volunteers in schools and nonprofits online
  • Save tons of time with NobleHour’s seamlessly integrated hour tracking
  • Show impact and effectiveness by generating reports in just one click

Control your own content.

Unchain yourself from the IT department.

  • Launch in minutes with our intuitive, super-friendly interface
  • Customize your look with one of our modern, colorful themes
  • Securely post, moderate and feature content
  • Be safe - NobleHour meets or exceeds all security best practices for schools and other institutions

Gather in Groups

Form and manage unlimited groups for any reason.

  • Organize and engage your community members by service learning, internships, volunteers and more
  • Add tasks so that members can tag their time specifically
  • Track group hours as well as individual hours
  • Send text messages, surveys and other communications to group members
  • Generate reports measuring group activity and progress

Make your hours count.

NobleHour’s time-tracking system blows away the competition.

  • Enter hours online 24/7 - save time, paper and money
  • Track all hours - service learning, volunteer, paying jobs and internships
  • Form unlimited groups to engage members in service learning, internships and other civic-based hour-tracking
  • Add tasks so that members can assign their time specifically
  • Stop chasing signatures with our digitally encrypted time card with electronic signature
  • Issue dynamic and customizable community service resumes for college and job applications - a NobleHour exclusive.

Measure impact

Don’t guess what your community is worth. Know it.
We’ve got you covered from performance
evaluations to program surveys.

  • Collect strategic data, including service-hour reports at every level - student, group, class, school, etc.
  • Gloriously simple reports for grants, long-term planning, budget requirements, workforce education program audits and more
  • Automatically calculate the economic value - including the dollar amount - of your employee service program
  • Dig deeper than numbers - gather qualitative data with NobleHour’s performance evaluations and program surveys

Ridiculously easy events.

Every opportunity, every event in one online location.

  • Any member can submit events (or just’s your choice)
  • Feature events on your community homepage
  • Get a personalized calendar of events, comprising events and opportunities posted by you, your entire community and those of trusted partners
  • Sort listings by type, category, keyword, date and organization
  • Import your existing events from RSS, iCal and Google Calendar

Express yourself

Everyone has a voice on NobleHour

  • Students and teachers can communicate safely, without revealing email addresses or mobile numbers
  • On-site, text and email notifications give members real-time updates to stay informed and connected
  • Launch and comment on blogs to spark discussion
  • Use Shoutboxes to make public comments within a group
  • Group texting gives community administrators a powerful, timely tool to reach and engage members

What’s near me now?

Find community partners, events and jobs in your area quickly and easily with our advanced mapping and search tools

Affiliate: There’s strength in numbers

Affiliate with other communities - share content, opportunities and even aggregate data

  • Connect schools with school districts, colleges with universities, and parent companies with subsidiaries
  • Share content such as news, events, opportunities and resources with your affiliated communities
  • Aggregate data - from volunteer and work hour tracking to impact measurement and more
  • Keep your branding

Civic engagement, meet social media

Connect with your members the way they like to connect. Members can share news, events and opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, via text messaging and more.

Engage your
online and off.

Make. Community. Work.

  • Use your NobleHour power to create your very own online community
  • Organize groups of people around common interests and functions, such as service learning and internships
  • Find business partners that share your passion for doing good and contributing to your local community
  • Be a better matchmaker - connecting good people with good deeds is easy and fun with NobleHour


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