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The vision of Summerlin Academy is to provide an institution of academic achievement unequaled within the educational community of Polk County, the State of Florida, and the United States. We intend to become a model of choice schools that will be exemplified throughout the country. This standard will be emulated in every facet of school operations: individual student achievement, excellence in staff and faculty, classroom management, student organizations, extracurricular activities and community involvement.
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Competitve Soccer

I voulnteered my time from 6-8pm helping coach U-13 at a scrimage 1/9/13.

If you have any questions you can contact the head coach at this number: (863) 257-2021



tracking hours

I need your help! I put in my hours for a opportunity in winter haven that I did over the summer last year, but they rejected. I was wondering what went wrong and what can I do to fix this problem. Please and Thank you!